The (not so) Super Mama Speaks

19 May


So I’m going to tell you a little about me, which I know sounds self absorbed, but I’ve been told that all writers are self absorbed (at least a little), and it seems that bloggers are probably a little more self absorbed than your average novelist (but hey, it’s the nature of the job).

So 5 fun facts about your resident (not so) Super Mama:

1.  I am a happily married lady (sorry all you single daddies out there this Super Mama is taken). I’ve known my husband (Matt) all of my adult life and we have been married for 5+ years. He is the best (insert sweet awwww noises).

2.  I have two amazing beautiful children, Logan and Liam, who are 2 and 1/2 and 6 months, respectively.  And God (and IUD) willing I will not have any more (crossing my fingers for good measure). The way I see it I have 2 hands and I have 2 kids. It’s a balanced equation. If I have another kid, I’m going to need another hand (and that may be the one thing in life that you can’t order on Amazon).

3.  I stay at home full time with the aforementioned children, while the aforementioned husband goes to work and actually converses with adults. I cannot remember what that is like, but it sure sounds neat. Our conversations in the evening usually go something like Matt will say, “so Mr. So and So totally broke the Whatity What and that made Ms. Whoever mad and she almost lost Mr. Big Client!” (He works at an insurance company – how much would you listen?) And then me: “Guess how many times Liam pooped today?!” And then without waiting for a response from him “4, and once was so much it came out of the diaper!”   Can you say “power couple?”

4.  I have another fun math equation for you. Add together 2 adults + 2 kids + a ton of baby stuff + a ton of toddler toys + a longhair cat + a longhair dog and then cram them all into 748 square feet of house (yes 748 square feet – that is not a typo – and it’s square feet – not square yards or anything) and what does that equal? On days that I’m in a good mood (and no one is having a tantrum) we say ‘cozy’ and the rest of the time ‘chaos.’

5.  Most importantly I love my husband, I love my boys, I love the darn pets, and I even love my tiny house.  Parenting is a hard job, maybe the hardest job (not that I was ever a nuclear physicist, but it sure is harder than waitressing), and in order to deal, some days I’m snarky or sarcastic, but there is always love (and maybe a little wit) behind it.

Just ask my two year old who I am and he’ll tell you, I’m “Mama.”  I may not be a Super Mama, but honestly most days being just a Mama is enough.

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