The (not so) Super Student

19 Sep

I’ve been remiss in writing lately (okay, pretty much the whole summer), but I’m back. At least for right now. School (college, eek) starts up on Thursday for me, and since I’ve been away from college for 6ish years, I’m a little nervous. I remember college life circa 2003, and it was hard. And in 2003 I had my very own, very quiet apartment, I had read a book beside “Hop on Pop” in the last 6 months, and I didn’t even have to wear a bra unless I wanted to. And despite all that quiet and freedom (and pre-kid perky breasts), I remember that college was hard.

And now I am going back. My priorities are different. School use to have a spot near the top of the list. I want school to be a high priority, but now that I have a family, things keep bumping it down the list. I have a husband, and kids, and a house, and pets, I have church, and playgroups, and responsibilities. I will never regret getting married, and having my children. These are the greatest things I have ever done, in my life. However, I would like to add this public service announcement from the (not so) Super Mama to you young single people out there:

If you have a desire for an education, go to college before getting married and having children. Children (especially young ones) are loud, and constantly need things, and will loudly constantly need things while you are just trying to do your homework. Also, you cannot (at least according to my husband) feed them the steady diet of ramen, pb&j, and espresso shots that you would enjoy yourself at this time in life. (This has been brought to you courtesy of a certain Mama who is a little afraid that she has squandered her youthful opportunities.)

I am a little afraid to go back. Not only are the academic demands really scary with everything I have on my plate right now, I’m also going to be 8-10 years older than most of my peers. I have no knowledge that will make for appropriate small talk. Diapers, potty training, breastfeeding, crock pot recipes… no? Want to start a “Goodnight Moon” book club… no? I feel like I will not be able to relate to the average college student. And…here’s another kicker… I wear ‘Mom jeans.’ I was seriously denying it, but I do. I wear the kind of jeans that come up to my belly button, in the hopes that they disguise the post baby belly look (even though they really don’t). Yikes.

I feel young, but I realize that I no longer am. So for anyone in school: If you see a mature (read: old) lady in the back of your Chemistry class be really nice to her because she knows she’s way past her educating prime, and it really stresses her out.

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