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Sweet Victories

So my NaBloPoMo tally:

Total posts:10

Slightly passive aggressive sentiments: 4

Posts about NaBloPoMo (including this one): 3

Not great, I admit. However if any of you would like to come over to watch my kids and do my laundry so that I have more time to blog, I’m all for it. Really though, I’m kidding, I don’t do laundry, that’s what husbands and dark-colored sweaters are for. Perhaps next year I will do better (on the blogging, not the laundry) or at least have more realistic expectations for myself. I’m going to now brag about myself so that I can feel that even though I was a NaBloPoMo failure, I am still successful in other parts of my life. So these are the highlights that I accomplished in November:

1. I finally figured out how to personalize the little sidebar thing on the right. admittedly, WordPress does try to make it easy for you, but for the last 6 months, I kept wondering what in the heck a widget was, and why my blog kept encouraging me to personalize them. I didn’t know what they were or how to personalize them, and the word widget kept creeping me out, so I just avoided my widgets all together. You may now take a moment to admire my personalized widgets. Aren’t they pretty?

2. I rocked my college Chemistry class. Technically, until I take my final, it’s not in the bag. However, I took the last regular test this week, and I feel really good about it, so I feel that a 4.0 may actually be within my reach. This is probably the thing that I’m the most proud of. I’m about 9 years older than the average student, so I feel pretty good about my old lady brain this month.

3. I made a new friend. Laugh if you want to, but stay at home mamas are not usually presented with tons of opportunities to make new friends. It’s not like elementary school where you can just run up to the kid with the awesome Teddy Ruxpin back pack and ask if they want to play kick ball at recess. Adult friendships take a bit more finesse. My lab partner and I hit it off, and we chat socially, as well as chemistry-ily (chemically?). Plus we already have a post final wine date planned. Which, may I mention, is another advantage to being an old lady student- I can have a drink after finals. Wahoo!

4. I got all my Christmas shopping done. Please refer to my Black Thursday post. It was both awful and awesome at the same time. But it’s done. Done, done, done. Okay, I’m done bragging. Done.

5. I have taught my 3-year-old all of his colors. All of them! It’s amazing. As of October, I was ready to take him to the doctor because I was SURE he was colorblind.

6. I’ve got my 3-year-old consistently pooing on the potty. I realize that you may not want to hear about his poo, but I most certainly didn’t want to ever clean it off my walls, so realize that these unpleasant truths just tend to be part of life, and give me this one. Although, I’ll be the first one to admit that the poo-training may have had less to do with my awesome parenting, and more to do with “sucker-treats” (or dum-dums, as you may call them). I’m still claiming the victory though.

7. I got to feel smarter than my computer for once. Pertussis, it’s a real thing, even if 07 Word doesn’t think so. Take that Windows Vista! I know more about childhood vaccines than you do. And I’m done gloating about being smarter than the spell-check. I feel the need to embrace spell check’s inadequacies, because it’s usually so condescending. It’s like “don’t you remember your 4th grade spelling tests, Nicole?” It’s rare that I get to mock spell check the way it mocks me, so you bet I’m going to run with it. (Edit: let’s not talk about how spell-check just nailed me for misspelling both ‘inadequacies” and “condescending.” And now I feel like I need to spell-check this sentence. AGH! I misspelled sentence. I probably misspelled “misspelled” and “AGH!” for that matter, but I’m leaving spell-check alone. I have pertussis on it, and that’s all I need.)

I’m celebrating the little victories right now. Because if there is anything I have learned from being a multi-tasking student-mama, it’s that I’ve got to take what I can get.


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Ah… Thanksgiving. It’s one of my favorite times of the year. Family, friends, turkey, what more do you really need? I’m proud to report that this year’s meal went off without a hitch. It was potentially the smoothest Thanksgiving in the history of the world. The turkey was finished right on schedule, unlike last year when the dang bird took an extra two hours over our estimated time. I remembered to buy milk this year, unlike two years ago when I had to run to the store as we were supposed to be sitting down for dinner because we didn’t have milk to make gravy with. Everything came together perfectly, and Gertrude (what, don’t you name your turkey each year?) was delicious.

Dinner ended, leftovers were put away, a quick slice of pie was eaten, and then I settled in for a relaxing evening of… shopping. Okay, not so relaxing. I do enjoy my Black Friday shopping, but it seems to start earlier and earlier each year. Two years ago stores opened at 5am, last year stores opened at 4am, and this year I was standing in line at Toys ‘R Us at 6:30 in the evening on Thanksgiving, waiting for the 9pm open time. Seriously, Gertrude wasn’t even digested yet and I was waiting in line. And to top it off, I forgot my Chemistry flash cards. My plans to study were thwarted (although I’m not sure how much I would have retained anyway).

So my shopping went well. I left my house at 6pm on Thursday and returned at about 8am of Friday. I felt like some sort of wild college coed, except I think wild college coeds are probably waiting in lines to get into clubs, rather than waiting in lines to purchase discounted train tables and Legos. Even so I felt pretty wild, staying out all night. And by wild I mean exhausted. Because seriously, I got up early, cooked a giant meal, and then spent the whole night on my feet, waiting in lines, trying not to get trampled, and doing a few sprints (yes, I may have actually full-out ran through Target to the electronics department to get my Kindle. What? I stood in the freezing cold line outside for over two hours. I certainly wasn’t going to give up that close to the finish line, so I broke the rules and ran inside – just don’t tell my kids.)

Anyway, the point is I was tired. And I fully attest that Black Friday needs to actually start on Friday. Starbucks wasn’t even open until 3am, and that’s just not okay. And complain as I might, I can pretty much guarantee that I’ll be doing the same thing next year. Even if the retailers go crazy and have sales starting at noon on Thanksgiving, I’ll still be there. I just hope my family won’t mind having a nice Thanksgiving dinner at 7am.


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Love Song to the Pediatric Urologist

So I’ve been slacking off big time this week. It is my 2nd NaBoPoMo Fail. My first was forgetting to start on the 1st of November. My second was forgetting (or not having time to) continue. Uh oh. Do you think I’m going to get kicked out of the club? On the upside, all the time off gave me a ton of material to write about as opposed to my usual choice between writing about my trip to the grocery store or about what I made for breakfast. This week we had family pictures, dentist appointments, several hilarious conversations, a chemistry test, a church potluck, a girls night out. All of these included some awesome moments for your reading pleasure, but I think I saved the best for last. And the topic today is:


Come on. You know you’re excited.

So Logan (my 3-year-old monster) has been having some peepee related issues. About two months ago I picked him up from the childcare in the gym to find him peeing blood. Lots and lots of blood. So, yeah, we hightailed it to the ER where after having a cath and some other horrible things done to him, we were told to go home and call if the bleeding didn’t stop in a few days. It didn’t. A long story short(er), we went through many medical procedures and so many doctors appointments that anytime we went in to a building that even vaguely resembled an office, Logan would kick off his shoes and start looking for the scale. About two and a half weeks after the original incident, we landed at the pediatric urologist.

Now, urology is one of those speciality I’ve always wondered about. OB/GYNs get to help babies come into the world, and surgeons save lives, and general practitioners keep people well, but seriously who chooses urology? Were they absent on the day that careers were handed out in medical school? Anyway we went to the urologist and I was irritated because I COULD. NOT. FIND. THE. BUILDING. And I was running late. Logan was stoked because the said building not only had an elevator, but we actually got to ride it because we were running too late, and I didn’t want to waste time on the stairs.

Pediatric Urology offices as it turns out are a medical utopia. There are awesome toys, and no pesky sick kids to get their sick kid germs on the toys. Logan, having never been allowed to play with Dr.’s office toys was already in love. I met the urologist and I feel in love. Seriously, I couldn’t have asked for a nicer man to fix my little boys’ pee pee parts. As it turned out Logan needed surgery for his issue. Nothing major, but seriously who wants to have surgery on their pee pee parts?

So Logan had his surgery yesterday, and everything went perfectly. And now, for the first time in months, my little guy not only pees without crying, he pees like it’s no big deal. It’s no longer a screaming, crying, begging, pleading, banging my head against the wall event every time we head to the bathroom.

So back to my question of who choses to be a pediatric urologist. Someone who is awesome, and amazing, and who wants to use their years of medical school and training to make sure my little boy can pee without crying. In case you can’t tell:


In my opinion, this week, they are the best people in the world.

Logan summed it up best in the car on the way to the grocery store this morning, as he played his keyboard and sang:

“The docta fixed my pee pee my pee pee my peeeeee peeeee. Now it’s all better all better all better. I like the doctor. He fixed my pee pee. My pee pee no hurt more. It all better. Then I get juice.”

Me too, Logan. Me too.

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When I only post a couple of times a week, I can keep most of my commentary light and funny. However this posting everyday thing is letting some of the harder things seep in too. So, with that disclaimer, I will try to be lighter and funnier tomorrow. But on my mind today:

I’ve been doing very well in my Chemistry class, which makes me feel good. I feel good when I do well on assignments, I feel even better when I actually understand things and am able to memorize them, and I feel amazing when I get a 100% on a test. I know that school is important to me, and that it’s important that I do well because that is what I’m there to do. However, I feel like I’m getting this satisfaction from succeeding at something that in the broad scheme of things isn’t really important. What I want to succeed at is my real job, being a mom. I would give anything to be given a 100% at parenting for a day. Honestly, lately, if parenting was graded I’m not sure I’d even pass.

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Peanut Butter to Paynk-Paynks

I am not a morning person. I loathe the first half hour that I am out of bed everyday. I just want to be left alone. My kids do not seem to care that Mommy does not actually become a person until she’s had a shower. They do not leave me alone. Moments after waking they are demanding things from me: namely breakfast.

My husband used to do the breakfast thing every morning with the kids back when he worked evenings. Now that he leaves for work at 6 in the morning, breakfast falls under my purview. Everything was fine until my three year-old ratted my out to my husband about feeding the boys peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast everyday.

“I eat peenbutter sanwich for breakbast!” My husband tried to convince him that he had a “peenbutter sandwich for lunch, not breakfast. He said, “No Daddy! I eat chick chicks and bwacolli for lunch. I eat peenbutter sanwich for BREAK-BAST!” Little man had it right. Mama was smearing some peanut butter on a slice of bread, folding it in half and calling it “breakbast.”

My husband has always been the get-up-in-the-morning-and-cook-the-kids-pancakes-and-eggs sort of guy. He shamed me over my feeding the children sandwiches for breakfast. So I bought a big box of toaster waffles from Costco and we worked with that for the next several weeks. As it turns out I can throw frozen waffles in the toaster in the morning. And Logan loves “rockles.” One day when I was pulling some rockles out of the big freezer to bring inside, I noticed the ingredients. Holy preservatives, Batman! I wanted a healthier option. I tried doing instant oatmeal for a while, but I had no patience waiting for the teakettle of water to boil, plus I had to get the brown sugar out, and after breakfast, I had to clean oatmeal out of the baby’s ears. It was a no-win situation. I finally devised a reasonable solution. I make about 75 pancakes in advance, freeze them in freezer bags, and toast them as needed. It was a bit of a trail and error process, and the first couple pancakes were served partially frozen before I realized that they needed a double toasting.

But now we have hit our stride. We have toaster pancakes with whatever fruit I have in the house for breakfast. It meets the expectations of “breakfast food” by my husband, it’s healthy, and most importantly I can prepare it while mostly still asleep. One thing that was really disappointing for me though, was how much I enjoyed Logan calling his waffles “rockles.” I knew I would miss this when we switched to pancakes. It ended up better than I could have imagined. He calls them “paynk-paynks.”

So if you ever want to come to our house for breakfast, head on over. We will all be in our pajamas, munching on some paynk-paynks.

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Pulling a Joelle

So my husband and I have fallen in love with the Biggest Loser. It was a surprising romance for us, as we traditionally do not enjoy “reality” TV. However, as we are on our own weight-loss journeys, the Biggest Loser has captured our attention. We watched it on Netflix one night and the rest is history. We are currently watching season seven, so no one spoil the end for me.

Anyway, with our new interest in the Biggest Loser, we discuss different merits of the players while we watch. We hate (in the following order):

1. Game Players (people who don’t care about losing weight, they just want the prize money).

2. Lazy People (come on, you’re there to work out).

3. People Who Lie (‘nough said)

4. Drama Creators

5. Whiners

Not in the list however, are criers. As long as they are not whining while they cry, we tend to have a soft spot for the criers.

A few weeks ago, my husband’s dad called him and told him he had something serious to talk about with him. They decided to meet downtown for coffee before my husband went to work. We speculated what this important conversation could be about. The day arrived, and my husband met up with his dad. A few hour later I received an email from my husband detailing what his dad had wanted to tell him. He said that his dad had felt so guilty about some stuff that had happened when Matt was a child that he had to get it off of his chest (and for the record it wasn’t any big deal –  my husband was not miffed in the least). Anyways, closing his email to me, Matt told me that “Dad cried like Mark on the Biggest Loser.” I spent the next three hours giggling. Not because my father in law had cried, (because he is truly a sweet guy, and was carrying around guilt that he didn’t need to) but because of the comparison. Matt and I had been laughing about a big tough guy on Biggest Loser Season 5, who got to the ranch and turned into a big crier. Now when anyone in our house cries about something that is not a big deal we accuse them of “crying like Mark”

So fast forward to last night when we had a family drama blow-up at my baby’s birthday party. I hate drama. I hate yelling, and I really hate it when people do it in my home. I was still ticked about it today, and was talking about it to my husband about my frustration with what had transpired. (Don’t worry, I didn’t cry like Mark.) Matt thought for a moment, and said, “yeah, she really pulled a Joelle.” Season 7 of the Biggest Loser features Joelle, who was nothing but drama. So now, when people have drama, they “pull a Joelle.”

I really like our new way of describing situations based off of Biggest Loser contestants. I can’t wait for all of the new personality descriptions in the seasons to come.

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Liam is One!


Yep, that’s all you get on my son’s 1st Birthday. Happy Weekend!

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