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Sweet Victories

So my NaBloPoMo tally:

Total posts:10

Slightly passive aggressive sentiments: 4

Posts about NaBloPoMo (including this one): 3

Not great, I admit. However if any of you would like to come over to watch my kids and do my laundry so that I have more time to blog, I’m all for it. Really though, I’m kidding, I don’t do laundry, that’s what husbands and dark-colored sweaters are for. Perhaps next year I will do better (on the blogging, not the laundry) or at least have more realistic expectations for myself. I’m going to now brag about myself so that I can feel that even though I was a NaBloPoMo failure, I am still successful in other parts of my life. So these are the highlights that I accomplished in November:

1. I finally figured out how to personalize the little sidebar thing on the right. admittedly, WordPress does try to make it easy for you, but for the last 6 months, I kept wondering what in the heck a widget was, and why my blog kept encouraging me to personalize them. I didn’t know what they were or how to personalize them, and the word widget kept creeping me out, so I just avoided my widgets all together. You may now take a moment to admire my personalized widgets. Aren’t they pretty?

2. I rocked my college Chemistry class. Technically, until I take my final, it’s not in the bag. However, I took the last regular test this week, and I feel really good about it, so I feel that a 4.0 may actually be within my reach. This is probably the thing that I’m the most proud of. I’m about 9 years older than the average student, so I feel pretty good about my old lady brain this month.

3. I made a new friend. Laugh if you want to, but stay at home mamas are not usually presented with tons of opportunities to make new friends. It’s not like elementary school where you can just run up to the kid with the awesome Teddy Ruxpin back pack and ask if they want to play kick ball at recess. Adult friendships take a bit more finesse. My lab partner and I hit it off, and we chat socially, as well as chemistry-ily (chemically?). Plus we already have a post final wine date planned. Which, may I mention, is another advantage to being an old lady student- I can have a drink after finals. Wahoo!

4. I got all my Christmas shopping done. Please refer to my Black Thursday post. It was both awful and awesome at the same time. But it’s done. Done, done, done. Okay, I’m done bragging. Done.

5. I have taught my 3-year-old all of his colors. All of them! It’s amazing. As of October, I was ready to take him to the doctor because I was SURE he was colorblind.

6. I’ve got my 3-year-old consistently pooing on the potty. I realize that you may not want to hear about his poo, but I most certainly didn’t want to ever clean it off my walls, so realize that these unpleasant truths just tend to be part of life, and give me this one. Although, I’ll be the first one to admit that the poo-training may have had less to do with my awesome parenting, and more to do with “sucker-treats” (or dum-dums, as you may call them). I’m still claiming the victory though.

7. I got to feel smarter than my computer for once. Pertussis, it’s a real thing, even if 07 Word doesn’t think so. Take that Windows Vista! I know more about childhood vaccines than you do. And I’m done gloating about being smarter than the spell-check. I feel the need to embrace spell check’s inadequacies, because it’s usually so condescending. It’s like “don’t you remember your 4th grade spelling tests, Nicole?” It’s rare that I get to mock spell check the way it mocks me, so you bet I’m going to run with it. (Edit: let’s not talk about how spell-check just nailed me for misspelling both ‘inadequacies” and “condescending.” And now I feel like I need to spell-check this sentence. AGH! I misspelled sentence. I probably misspelled “misspelled” and “AGH!” for that matter, but I’m leaving spell-check alone. I have pertussis on it, and that’s all I need.)

I’m celebrating the little victories right now. Because if there is anything I have learned from being a multi-tasking student-mama, it’s that I’ve got to take what I can get.


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Love Song to the Pediatric Urologist

So I’ve been slacking off big time this week. It is my 2nd NaBoPoMo Fail. My first was forgetting to start on the 1st of November. My second was forgetting (or not having time to) continue. Uh oh. Do you think I’m going to get kicked out of the club? On the upside, all the time off gave me a ton of material to write about as opposed to my usual choice between writing about my trip to the grocery store or about what I made for breakfast. This week we had family pictures, dentist appointments, several hilarious conversations, a chemistry test, a church potluck, a girls night out. All of these included some awesome moments for your reading pleasure, but I think I saved the best for last. And the topic today is:


Come on. You know you’re excited.

So Logan (my 3-year-old monster) has been having some peepee related issues. About two months ago I picked him up from the childcare in the gym to find him peeing blood. Lots and lots of blood. So, yeah, we hightailed it to the ER where after having a cath and some other horrible things done to him, we were told to go home and call if the bleeding didn’t stop in a few days. It didn’t. A long story short(er), we went through many medical procedures and so many doctors appointments that anytime we went in to a building that even vaguely resembled an office, Logan would kick off his shoes and start looking for the scale. About two and a half weeks after the original incident, we landed at the pediatric urologist.

Now, urology is one of those speciality I’ve always wondered about. OB/GYNs get to help babies come into the world, and surgeons save lives, and general practitioners keep people well, but seriously who chooses urology? Were they absent on the day that careers were handed out in medical school? Anyway we went to the urologist and I was irritated because I COULD. NOT. FIND. THE. BUILDING. And I was running late. Logan was stoked because the said building not only had an elevator, but we actually got to ride it because we were running too late, and I didn’t want to waste time on the stairs.

Pediatric Urology offices as it turns out are a medical utopia. There are awesome toys, and no pesky sick kids to get their sick kid germs on the toys. Logan, having never been allowed to play with Dr.’s office toys was already in love. I met the urologist and I feel in love. Seriously, I couldn’t have asked for a nicer man to fix my little boys’ pee pee parts. As it turned out Logan needed surgery for his issue. Nothing major, but seriously who wants to have surgery on their pee pee parts?

So Logan had his surgery yesterday, and everything went perfectly. And now, for the first time in months, my little guy not only pees without crying, he pees like it’s no big deal. It’s no longer a screaming, crying, begging, pleading, banging my head against the wall event every time we head to the bathroom.

So back to my question of who choses to be a pediatric urologist. Someone who is awesome, and amazing, and who wants to use their years of medical school and training to make sure my little boy can pee without crying. In case you can’t tell:


In my opinion, this week, they are the best people in the world.

Logan summed it up best in the car on the way to the grocery store this morning, as he played his keyboard and sang:

“The docta fixed my pee pee my pee pee my peeeeee peeeee. Now it’s all better all better all better. I like the doctor. He fixed my pee pee. My pee pee no hurt more. It all better. Then I get juice.”

Me too, Logan. Me too.

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The Potty Training Book I Need

So I went to the bookstore tonight and learned a couple of things.

First of all, people do not seem to enjoy your being in close proximity to them in a bookstore when your baby is screaming bloody murder and your toddler is having a “Mommy pay attention to me fit” while wearing only a polo shirt, sandals and his Diego underpants (more on his wardrobe later).  First of all it’s a video, music, and bookstore so it’s not exactly silent. It’s not like we were behaving this way in a library (or a mosque or something). And it’s not like their “no shoes, no shirt, no service” sign said ANYTHING about pants. In my opinion case closed.

The other thing that I learned (besides the fact that I’ve been so exposed to their antics and generally loud volume that I am either just not fazed by it or perhaps I am partially deaf) is that there are very few (if any) practical books for parenting toddlers. A confession: I love parenting books, as well as advice books in general. Typically books like that make me feel more capable and confident. In retrospect however, I bet that my fellow
shoppers were either shocked or relived to see me browsing the parenting section. Perhaps they enjoyed the irony (although based on their faces I’m going to guess not).

When I was pregnant with my first son I had read seriously every book on pregnancy before the end of my first trimester. And before the end of my pregnancy I had also polished off all of the books on parenting newborns through the first year.  These books had useful pertinent information and advice. For example when you are pregnant you shouldn’t eat cold deli meat (sad) or scoop the cat box (score!). And in newborns you should always take a rectal temperature when they are sick (eww) and you should start sleep training
before six months. I loved all of the practical advice (and secretly pitied “less prepared” moms who lacked my
literary advantage).

Now I have a toddler and the advice I need appears nowhere in book. My most recent examples:

So we are currently attempting to potty train our just over two and a half year old.  I say ‘attempting’
because it is not working out so well. Yesterday Logan went potty on his special potty chair at 3:20, right before we left the house.  He peed a lot so I helped him put on his big boy undies (or as he calls them “annies”) and figured we were good to go. We usually set him on the potty about every hour plus when he asks to go, and he
usually can do okay at staying pretty dry. So we arrive at our play date at 3:45 and he is still dry.  Woo hoo! We
are doing good! Then in the next 2 hours and 15 minutes, he proceeds to have 6 accidents despite sitting on the potty 4 times (and going pee on the potty 3 of those times). I ask you where was all this pee coming from?! My favorite part was how he had an accident about 5 minutes before we left our play date, so I cleaned him up and he finished peeing on the potty. As we left he managed to pee directly on our host’s front steps. He finishes and says “uh-oh. I think I need go potty.” I’ve got news for you buddy, you already did! The best part of the story (in my opinion) is that there were only a couple of drops of pee in his “annies,” but he managed to leave a puddle on the steps.  I guess it has to be an anatomy thing, but I don’t have boy parts (thank God because I don’t think my husband would like me anymore and even if he did I can imagine we would have had a much harder time conceiving the children) so I really don’t know how you can pee out your shorts while keeping your undies virtually clean. Yes, my child was actually fully clothed in this anecdote.

Which leads us to today.
My sister and I took my boys and her 2 year old daughter (who is also potty training) to the YMCA.  First I
worked up a sweat before we even left for the gym by safely installing all three car seats in the back of my tiny Hyundai Accent. I managed to get them all properly secured (even though I had to forcefully shut- okay slam- the back doors. We got to the Y without incident and we took our toddlers into go potty in the daycare’s bathroom. They both peed without a hitch (well except for my niece who peed all over her skirt by mistake). We sign the kids in and leave, hoping for the best.  We return from the treadmills 45 minutes later to take our kids swimming and find them both dry. Success! We swim and play, and then we go to get dressed.  I try to put Logan on the potty, but he screams and insists “I don’t need sit on potty right now.” Of course, I know he
is lying, but what am I supposed to do. We are in a public place and those changing rooms are echoey. So he is standing in the middle of the room buck naked while I get dressed. And he starts to pee, a lot, into the floor
drain.  My sister and I laugh, and I explain to my toddler that we should probably not pee on the floor. He shows he is listening by peeing in the drain a little more. We get dressed and head out towards the car. He says “uh-oh,” and I look down to see his pants are SOAKED with pee. I assure him I will change him into clean clothes as soon as he does his walk of shame to the car.  We arrive at the car and while I am rooting around in the trunk for the extra pants that I’m SURE I packed he pees again in his pants again, enough to create a large puddle
on the sidewalk. It is at that moment I sigh and realize that I left the extra pants sitting on the couch. As I clean him up and change him into his clean undies (sans pants) I vow to go to the bookstore on my way home tonight. I should also mention that the great pee-splosion was at 7 at night and he hadn’t had a sip of fluids since noon. Where is all this pee coming from?!

So this precipitated my ill-fated trip to the bookstore (with some of us still not wearing pants) where I determined that there are no parenting books that can advise you on what to do when your toddler takes to peeing large volumes on concrete, but there are at least 2 different baby name books that list the name ‘Velveeta’ (no joke). Go figure.

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